Release Notes

Product Name: TeamTexter® 2.0 Web Application

Release Number: v2.0 SP8.1

Date of Release: October 21, 2023


Overview: This service pack includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to the web




1. Enhancement: Enable Texting Credit Controls


  • Issue Summary: Previously, all users used the same company pool of texting credits. Administrators were unable to assign texting credits to individual Users to control texting credit usage.

  • Resolution: The "Administration > Users" section has recently undergone an update, reintroducing the ability to allocate texting credits from a shared company pool. Administrators now have the choice to either set individual per-User credit limits or allow all users to access credits from the company pool.


  • Impacts: The Enable Credit Control setting will be turned on by default.  To have Users use the company pool texting credits, check Disable Credit Control.




2. New Feature: Assign Mass Texting Credits


  • Issue Summary: In the "Administration > Users" section, there was no way to select multiple users and assign texting credits, thus making it cumbersome to click into each user to assign texting credits.


  • Resolution: Within the "Administration > Users" section, a new feature titled "Assign Mass Texting Credits" has been introduced. Administrators now have the ability to allocate specific texting credit amounts to each User from the overall company texting credit pool. As a result, when a User sends a text, their individual balance is deducted.

 The "Assign Mass Texting Credits" feature displays the current total company texting credits available, and the sum of credits assigned to users. The company credit balance is dynamically updated in real-time as users send texts, ensuring an accurate reflection of usage.


  • Impacts: In order for all users to have a texting credit balance at one time, the Assign Mass Texting Credits feature must be used. The Administrator still has the ability to assign texting credits individually to each User in addition or instead of using this feature.




3. Enhancements: Sort Users


  • Issue Summary: Administrators when in the “Administration > Users” page were unable to sort or filter user accounts based on their status, such as "Active" or "Inactive."

  • Resolution: The “Administration > Users” section is now updated to allow sorting and filtering of users by status. Administrators can now sort users by active/inactive status or filter the list to only show active users.

  • Impacts: None.


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4. Bug:  User List Page Returns To Page 1 Upon Save


  • Issue Summary: The pagination was resetting to page 1 after saving changes on the User List page, instead of staying on the current page.

  • Resolution: The pagination was fixed to now persist on the current page after saving changes on the User List. Users will remain on the same page after saving to continue editing records.

  • Impacts: None