Release Notes

Product Name:       TeamTexter® 2.0 Web Application
Release Number: v2.0 SP7
Date of Release:    July 1, 2023

Overview: This service pack includes security enhancements and bug fixes to the web application. 

1. Enhancement – Server Performance

  • Issue Summary:  At peek usage times, users may have noticed a slight delay in performance.
  • Resolution:  We implemented optimizations, streamlined queries, and conducted security audits, improving server performance. Specifically:
    1. Increased processing power: Faster data processing and improved response time for better experience.
    2. Enhanced Reliability: The optimizations made to the server infrastructure increase its scalability and stability.
    3. Seamless Handling of Peak Loads: The server's improved scalability enables it to handle higher loads and increased traffic without compromising performance. During peak usage periods, users will experience consistent responsiveness and minimal delays, regardless of the increased demand on the system. 
    4. Smooth User Interface Interactions: The optimized database queries and reduced server response time contribute to a seamless user interface experience. Users will notice quicker search results, faster loading of pages. 
    5. Enhanced Data Security: The security audits and measures implemented during this update ensure the continued protection of user data. End users can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information is safeguarded against potential threats or breaches.
    6. Better Overall User Satisfaction: The combination of improved speed, reliability, and security translates into a more positive user experience. End users will likely be more satisfied with the service, as they can accomplish their tasks more efficiently, encounter fewer disruptions, and trust in the system's ability to protect their data.
  • Impacts: Faster loading, reduced latency, improved responsiveness, and enhanced stability.

2. Enhancement – Security Patches

  • Issue Summary: Continued security monitoring and patching to ensure TeamTexter’s security. 
  • Resolution: Vulnerability fixes: Known vulnerabilities have been patched to eliminate potential security risks and prevent unauthorized access. Security enhancements: Authentication mechanisms and access controls have been improved to enhance overall system security. Privacy safeguards: Additional privacy measures have been implemented to protect user data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Impacts:  Increased level of protection for user data.

3. Enhancement – Compatibility

  • Issue Summary: Some devices were not displaying TeamTexter properly.
  • Resolution: Our team addressed compatibility in previous versions through thorough investigation, comprehensive resolution strategies, and rigorous testing. We eliminated barriers that hindered optimal software usage by addressing root causes and ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices and operating systems. 
  • Impacts: Enhanced Device Compatibility: This update enables seamless operation on a broader range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users can now enjoy our software's functionality without compatibility barriers. Expanded OS Support: The update resolves compatibility issues with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, allowing users to update their operating systems without disrupting their experience with our application. Improved User Experience: Compatibility fixes result in a significantly enhanced user experience, enabling users to fully utilize all features, tools, menus, and options without encountering limitations.

4. Bug – Profile Time Zone

  • Issue Summary: Users were not able to update the time zone in their profiles. An error falsely requiring the email field caused inconvenience and prevented the successful saving of the time zone. 
  • Resolution:  The specific code segment causing the error was updated, eliminating the unnecessary email field requirement. Extensive testing was conducted to validate the fix and ensure proper functionality.
  • Impacts: Users can now easily update their time zones without encountering unnecessary validation errors. Accurate time zone settings enable users to schedule events and activities more effectively, ensuring that notifications and time-based functionalities work reliably.

5. Bug – Email Parsing Assigning Owner With No Specification

  • Issue Summary:  Previously, there was an issue where the main user was automatically assigned as the owner to people created through the email parser in TeamTexter. This assignment occurred regardless of whether the owner token was present in the email source code. 
  • Resolution: The specific code segment causing the error was updated, eliminating the assignment of the main user. Extensive testing was conducted to validate the fix and ensure proper functionality. The resolution eliminates the unintended automatic assignment of the main user as the owner, preventing any potential confusion or misattributions.
  • Impacts: Users can now have more control over the ownership assignment process for people created through the email parser, ensuring accurate ownership representation.