Release Notes

Product Name:       TeamTexter® 2.0 Web Application
Release Number: v2.0 SP5.1
Date of Release:    January 26, 2023

Overview: This service pack includes an emergency big fix impacting system users.

1. Bug – Inbound Email Messages and Email Alerts

  • Issue Summary:  Inbound messages to TeamTexter from an outside email source were being shown on the Person side of the message conversation. This was, in turn, causing email notifications (when turned on in settings) to be sent to the User for inbound emails, when in fact the email notifications should only be sent anytime the Person responds.
  • Resolution: Inbound messages send from an outside email now display on the Company side of the message conversation, as they are sent by the company. Thus, the email notifications are working as expected.
  • Impacts: Email originated messages will now show on the Company side of the conversation in TeamTexter.