Release Notes

Product Name:             TeamTexter® 2.0 Web Application
Release Number: v2.0 SP3
Date of Release:           July 8, 2022

Overview: This service pack includes minor user interface updates and new features to the web application. 

1. New Feature – Ability to Delete a Scheduled Text Message

  • Issue Summary: After scheduling a text message, there was no way to delete the scheduled text message.
  • Resolution: The application now provides a way to delete the scheduled text message by clicking the trash can next to the scheduled message after hovering over the clock icon.
  • Impacts: None.


2. Bug – Certain Campaign Text Messages Weren’t Being Delivered

  • Issue Summary: On a certain company code, some of the campaign text messages weren’t being delivered.
  • Resolution: The entire campaign feature was quality checked and a code regression was found and fixed.
  • Impacts:  Some campaign text messages show with an alert in the message window and were not delivered due to the regression.


3. New Feature – 2FA Implemented for Administration Portal

  • Issue Summary: TeamTexter support was using whitelisted IP addresses for controlled access to the Administration Portal. When having an internet outage, there was no way to access the Administration Portal to provide customer support while using an alternative internet connection.
  • Resolution: IP whitelisting was eliminated and Google Authenticator 2FA was implemented and required for all Administrators.
  • Impacts: All TeamTexter Administrators (Support) must register for 2FA to be able to login.


4. New Feature – New Company Visible Name Feature

  • Issue Summary: When a recipient received a text from TeamTexter, it would be prefaced with the Company Code selected when the TeamTexter account was set up. i.e. dunder.  Some companies wanted the ability to have text messages show that they came from a different name. i.e. Dunder Mifflin
  • Resolution: A new field found under Administration>Account can be found and used to show a different Company Visible Name rather than the Company Code. If no Company Visible Name is entered, it will default to the Company Code shown on text messages.
  • Impacts: If the Company Visible Name field is completed, that text will show on text messages sent out after the change.

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5. New Feature – Email Parsing Tracking in the Administration Portal

  • Issue Summary: TeamTexter support staff was not able to easily track email parsing transactions for the sake of troubleshooting.
  • Resolution: Email parsing logs were added to the TeamTexter Administration Portal to allow TeamTexter support staff to assist customers who may have the wrong source code in use for email parsing.
  • Impacts: None.


6. New Feature – Password Expiration

  • Issue Summary: A user’s password never expires.
  • Resolution: A user will be prompted to re-set their password every 90 days.
  • Impacts: A password will need to be re-set in order to login after 90 days.


7. New Feature – Sub User Login Available in Administration Portal

  • Issue Summary: TeamTexter support had no way of supporting sub users who needed assistance.
  • Resolution: All sub users in a particular company code are now accessible from the Administration Portal for TeamTexter support purposes.
  • Impacts: None.


8. Bug – Stripe Invoices Address Correction

  • Issue Summary: The wrong address was being used on Stripe Invoices.
  • Resolution: The address for TeamTexter has been correctly updated on the Stripe invoice.
  • Impacts: All previous invoices have been retroactively updated to display the correct address.


9. New Feature – Lockout User

  • Issue Summary: Users could continuously guess their passwords, leaving a security risk to account access.
  • Resolution: Users will now be locked out after 5 failed attempts and won’t be able to try to login again for 60 minutes. Each time a login attempt is made during a lock out period, the countdown of lockout time is displayed.
  • Impacts: User won’t be able to login during a lock out period caused by 5 or more incorrect attempts at a login.


10. New Feature – Ability to See Who Sent a Text Message from the Web Portal

  • Issue Summary: When a text message was sent to a recipient, there was no way to determine who sent the text.
  • Resolution: The user’s name will now display under a text message indicating who sent the text message.
  • Impacts: Users will be able to see who sent text messages.

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11. New Feature – Integrate with Advanced Reporting Tool

  • Issue Summary: Basic statistical reporting is available within the Reports section of the web portal. We wanted to make the entire database reportable with dashboards and custom written reports eventually.
  • Resolution: The entire TeamTexter database is now connected to TeamTexter’s Advanced Reporting Tool. We will be working on offering access to a customer’s entire data universe in the months to come.
  • Impacts: None.


12. New Feature – Content Filtering in the Administration Portal

  • Issue Summary: TeamTexter is responsible for ensuring our customers aren’t using TeamTexter for illegal or banned purposes, such as drug or human trafficking or any other illegal activity.
  • Resolution: TeamTexter’s support team can now filter content based on keywords that are prohibited use of texting as per TeamTexter’s Terms of Use.
  • Impacts: Users who violate TeamTexter’s Terms of Use will immediately be terminated from using TeamTexter’s services and/or products.