Where a user can view a comprehensive listing of individuals and their texting profile.



  1. You can enter Person contact information to search the database
  2. Action dropdown used to trigger bulk actions such as:
  3. Manually Add a Person. Unlike the import functionality, Add person can only be used to add one person at a time.
  4. Filter listing to only display Active or Inactive People
  5. Filter listing to display Blocked or Unblocked individuals
  6.  Starred allows you to segment certain people for easier access
  7. Toggle used to Block or Unblock individuals
  8. The  icon allows you to delete a person. When deleted it will also delete any conversations for this person
  9. Opt In column advises of the person’s Opt In status. Options include:
    • Yes – person has opted in
    • No- person has NOT opted in
  10. Invitation not sent – when person was created, no invitation was sent for opt in
  11. For individuals who have not opted in OR where the invitation was not sent. The  icon allows you to resend the Invitation to Opt In
  12. Tag column allows you to view any tags that have been added to a person’s profile as well as select to add a Tag