Viewing Campaigns

1. From the left panel, select the Campaign Listing option

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2. On the main dashboard, you can view any Campaigns that have been saved in the zone. (Active and Draft Campaigns)

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3. When a particular Campaign is selected, on the right side of the dashboard you can view the details of the Campaign

  • Message verbiage
  • Schedule Date and Time
  • Number of Recipients scheduled to receive message

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4. If you select the recipient list, you can view all individuals who will receive the campaign messages

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5. From the Actions drop down you can select to Activate an Inactive campaign OR Stop a currently active Campaign

6. Campaigns can also be duplicated for re-use in future Campaigns

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Editing Campaigns

1. From the Campaign listing, use the  icon to edit the Campaign

2. The Edit Campaign page will display

3. You can then make any updates to the campaign information and schedules

4. Once updates have been completed select to