Templates allow you to create standard messaging to be used through the TeamTexter system


Building Templates

1. From the Administration dashboard select Configure texting templates under the Templates heading


2. The Create a Message Template page will display

3. Enter a Name for the template – Ensure the name is descriptive enough that you users will know how it should be used

4. Determine where the template will be utilized (All sections, Messages, or Campaigns)

5. Enter the verbiage for the message

  1. Available tokens are listed under the message box. When selected they will appear where the cursor is placed. 

6. Check the box to Activate the template

7. Select to 



Viewing Templates

1. From the Administration dashboard, select Template list

2. A listing of available templates will be displayed, to edit select Template name

3. Make required updates and 

4. You will be taken back to the Message Template List screen

5 You can also add a template using the  link