Text messages are limited to 160 characters before they are split and delivered into multiple messages. When using TeamTexter 3.0 the user will to need to send a clickable link to the Person to access a specific site. These URLs can be lengthy, this is where the URL shortener comes into play. 

Users will use this feature to shorten those long URLs so that they can be sent and received and still be accessible by the Person.

  1.  To access the URL shortener, select the    icon in the left panel
  2. The URL shortener screen will display.
  3. Paste in the URL to be shortened
  4. Select the Make Shorter URL button
  5. Once you select the Make Shorter URL button, the shortened URL will display
  6. Select the button to copy the shortened URL
  7. Select Close
  8. The URL is now ready to paste into your text message