Opt In and Opt Out alerts the TeamTexter application if text messages can be sent to a person.

When a person is added to the TeamTexter database you can:

  • Manually send Opt In invite OR
  • Setup a workflow to send the Opt In invite based on an action

NOTE: When a person is added to TeamTexter 3.0 by sending a text message originating from a 3rd party system TeamTexter will automatically ask the person to Opt In prior to delivering the message sent.


Although messages can be sent, they will not be delivered to the person until they have opted into text messaging with TeamTexter.

There are several ways you can view if someone has opted into text messaging:

  1. By viewing the message history to see the Opt in message as well as the acceptance
  2. By viewing the person through the People Listing
For those persons where the Opt In message has not been sent, using the  (Send Invitation Message) you can resend the invitation message

  1. Access the People Listing
  2. View the Opt In column to determine where an invitation has not been sent OR where an individual has not opted in. 

NOTE: Anyone where an invite has not been sent OR has not opted in. The  will display in the OptIn column

  1. Once the  icon is selected, the Send Invitation Message box will display
  2. The default Opt In message will display. This message can be updated prior to resending. 
  3. Once message is confirmed, you can select the Yes, Send button