Communications with persons in TeamTexter 3.0 are done through the Message component of the system. Communications include messages sent out through Basic 2-way texting, Campaigns, and Workflows.

From the Messages left filter you can view the 4 messages subsections

  1. List – a listing of all messages sent through TeamTexter 3.0. This list will show any message no matter who initiated the conversation
  2. Starred – a listing of all messages sent through TeamTexter 3.0 where the conversation has been Starred. Messages are Starred to highlight and segment those messages for easy access or importance
  3. Archived – a listing of all messages sent through TeamTexter 3.0 that are no longer in use. These messages are Archived to remove them from the main messaging list but they are still accessible when needed
  4. Tagged – a listing of all messages sent through TeamTexter 3.0 where a tag has been added to categorize the message
  5. Blocked – a listing of all messages for those individuals who have been blocked from sending and receiving messages through TeamTexter 3.0 for the organization
  6. Inactive – a listing of all messages where no conversation has taken place in a set amount of time (30, 60, 90 days) the system will automatically move messages to this folder based on activity


Sending a Message from the People Listing

  1. To send a message manually from the People Listing, from the left panel select the People.
  2. Using the Checkbox on the left select the Person(s) that you are wanting to conversate with. NOTE: Only those whom have Opted In will receive text messages sent
  3. From the three dot actions button select to Send Message
  4. The Send Message window will display.
  5. Enter your text message and select Send


Sending a Message using a Template

  1. From the message select the Actions drop down, Message Template
    The Select a Template screen will display
  2. Select the radial button for the template to be utilized
  3. The verbiage from the template will display in the message box
  4. Select 


Sending a Message from the List, Starred, Archived, or Tagged Message Listing

  1. From the Messages filter select the location of the person you want to communicate with
  2. Available Persons will be shown, select the name of the individual to send the message
  3. In the Type a Message box, enter your text message
  4. Once message has been entered, you have several options
    • Send the message immediately
    • Use the Calendar button to schedule the message to send later

NOTE: Only those individuals that have Opted In will receive any messages.

NOTE: When sending a URL, it is recommended to use the URL shortener () to ensure the URL is received without breaking across multiple text messages

Sending a Message from the Group Listing

  1. From the left panel, select Groups

  2. Select the Group you want to send a message to
  3. From the Actions drop down, select to Send Message
  4. When the send message box appears enter your text message
  5. Select Send
  6. The message will be sent to anyone assigned to that group and sent messages can be viewed under the Messages, List section