Scheduling a text message through TeamTexter 2.0 allows a user to compose a text message and have that message sent at a later date and time.  Example, a user is working late but would like to get a head start on communications to a person. You can create your text messages and schedule them to send at a later date and time.


  1. From the Message panel select the category (List, Starred, Archived, Tagged) where your person is located.
  2. Select the Person
  3. In the Type a Message box, enter your text message
  4. Select the   button and the Select schedule date field will display

  1. Click in the “Select schedule date” field and the scheduling calendar will display
  2. Select the date and time you wish for the text message to go out
  3. Once the Date and Time is selected, select the  button
  4. The scheduled message will display in the texting window with a  beside it to represent it has been scheduled
  5. To review the schedule, select the  icon and the Scheduled Message screen will display the Date and Time the message has been scheduled.

  1. At the specified time the message will be sent and the  icon will disappear