A group is a way to organize and segment individuals added to TeamTexter. Groups can be used to segment people, communication efficiently. Groups provide a simplified way to manage people assigned to campaigns. Tags can also be added to groups to categorize the types of people included. 


  1. From the left filter, select the Groups heading

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  1. Select to Add a Group
  2. Enter the Name of the Group
  3. Enter the website (if applicable). (Ex. You are creating a group for a Professional organization you are sourcing from, you might want to include the website for that professional organization for reference)
  4. Enter any Tags (if applicable)
  5. Select an Owner for the group. 

Selecting an owner is optional but can assist with segmentation when that functionality is made available.

  1. Select the Text

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  2. The group is now created and available for use





You can also add a Group from the Group Listing page

  1. From the left filter select Group Listing

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  1. The Groups page will display, on the right header select the link
  2. Complete the form to add a group
    1. Enter a Name for the Group
    2. Website (if applicable)
    3. Tags (if applicable)
    4. Owner(s) (if applicable)
  3. Select Save