Release Notes

Product Name:             TeamTexter® 2.0 Web Application
Release Number:          v2.0 SP1
Date of Release:           January 4, 2021

Overview: This service pack includes minor user interface updates to the end user portal. It also includes new features in the workflow section and multi-factor authentication for sign in.

1. Bug – Change Label for Adding and Removing Tags

  • Issue Summary: When clicking on a message and then clicking on Actions, the label for adding and removing tags was named “ADD TAG”.
  • Resolution: The action label is now named “ADD/REMOVE TAGS”.
  • Impacts: No impacts.




2. New Feature – Text Character Countdown in Workflows

  • Issue Summary: When typing in a text response in a workflow build, there was no countdown to the character limit of 160 per text message.
  • Resolution: The text response field will now count down to the maximum characters of 160.
  • Impacts: No impacts.



3. New Feature – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Sign In

  • Issue Summary: 2FA was not available for sign in. The need for 2FA sign in for a more secure experience was warranted for SOC compliance and general safety.
  • Resolution: 2FA has been implemented for Google Authenticator for sign in. Users may turn on 2FA by selecting 2FA Settings from the top menu under their avatar.  Existing users will be able to enable 2FA and get a code to use with Google Authenticator. New users will be presented with the 2FA page after registration. The user will have to authenticate with a code each time they login after 2FA is turned on. Users will be able to turn off 2FA by visiting the 2FA Settings page at any time.
  • Impacts: Users will need to authenticate through 2FA each time they login to the TeamTexter Web Application if enabled.