URL Shortener - Important Change

We have recently learned that our texting service partner is blocking texts with shortened URLs (i.e. bit.ly).  Our testing has shown that the service is not consistently blocking them, but some are being blocked from delivery.  

After confirming with our texting service partner, they shared that the phone carriers flag any shortened URLs as SPAM.  The more shortened URLs that you send, the more SPAM is on your number, which can lead to your phone number being shut off -- and the TeamTexter service account as well.  Phone carriers don't have the capability to see or know which shortened URLs are SPAM and what are valid use cases, so they flag them all as SPAM.

As you know, TeamTexter has a built in URL shortener, that due to this information is now obsolete.  We are discussing ways to create our own URL shortener with the TeamTexter.io domain, which is allowed and would not be blocked. We will certainly keep you updated when we have developed a solution.

For now, please cease sending shortened URLS from bit.ly or any other public URL shortener. It is costing you a text that isn't ever delivered by the phone carrier and also you are putting your phone number at risk of being turned off from use by the texting service provider.